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Upon arrival your customers will be impressed with the state of the art technology you employ that allows you to quickly take care of their needs and create a personalized dining experience.

Mobile Orders

Servers will have the option to use their mobile device to take orders right from the table, and immediately print the order, wirelessly, from the table to the kitchen.

Organize your kitchen

Send orders, electronically, from a mobile device, or a POS station, directly onto a custom flat screen that you have, mounted in the kitchen. Display eight orders at a time, track timing, and more.

Accurately track your tables

Know exactly how long a table has been seated, who their server is, and how long it took to greet them. Know who’s on top of their tables and who’s dropping the ball.

Accept every form of payment

Accept payments of all form, including chip cards, and Apple Pay right from the table, allowing you to turn tables faster, and keep customers happier.

Increase the level of customer service you are able to provide by having access to what’s really going on with your staff, and your customers.

Keep your kitchen informed fast

Kitchen printers

Keep your kitchen informed about their orders fast with a kitchen printer that connects directly to your POS. As soon as an order is entered, it is automatically printed directly to the kitchen.

Kitchen order screens

Track order with more detail by connecting your kitchen connecting one of our kitchen screens inside of your kitchen. Know exactly how much time orders are taking to go out, and who’s orders were really first.

Access past transactions, and track individual performance of your staff. Business analytics allows you to be more proactive in your planning, making sure you are well stocked and can avoid having popular menu items sold out.

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